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SCOTTSBORO, Alabama It s been more than 30 years since my mother took me to trade days in Scottsboro, back when its name, First Monday, meant it was actually held on the first Monday of each month.

These days, the flea-market type sale on the downtown square is set on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month. Vendors can set up tables and tents at no cost and sell antiques, crafts or junk. The event has been held continuously since July 4, 1912.Call Debbie Taylor with the City of Scottsboro at 256-912-9514 for vendor information.

While my fianc and I were disappointed by the sparseness of the vendors and shopping crowd on this past sunny-but-cool Saturday, we were assured by a long-time resident and vendor that the event grows in attendance as summer approaches. Plus, there was plenty to see on the historic square the 1912 courthouse where the Scottsboro Boys trials were held, Payne s Sandwich Shoppe and Soda Fountain that opened as a pharmacy in 1869, the odd statue of Andrew Jackson and more.

Take a photo tour with us around the Jackson County Courthouse Square and learn a little about Scottsboro s history while checking out some of the interesting finds at Trade Days.

This feature showcases fun items for sale along Alabama's roadsides.

While I am happy to receive photos of submitted objects, please be aware this is not meant to be a marketplace. It is not for promotional purposes. If you submit a photo of an object for sale, it must be unusual and you must include the price and where it can be purchased. Items will be chosen for inclusion at my discretion.

Kelly Kazek hasalways been drawn to weirdness. Now when she stops and takes photos of odd,over-sized or unusual items for sale along Alabama's roadsides, she shares themwith readers. Let he know if you know of places she should visit bycalling 256-701-0576, finding her on or using the contacts at the topof this story.

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