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Now that the economy is officially rebounding, it’s time to slowly start incorporating those unnecessary expenses back into your life. If you’re like many women, you’ve spent the last few years doing your own hair, or have simply become true to your roots. However, many stylists consider box color to be the ultimate beauty faux pas. Hey, it’s expensive to spend 100+ dollars getting your hair colored every six weeks, but doing it at home can lead to some serious mistakes that may cost you more to get fixed. Before you set up shop in your bathroom, here are some pros and cons to at home hair color.


1. It’s affordable

Considering that salon color services usually start at for a Level 1 stylist, and a box only costs about , it goes without saying that coloring at home is cheaper. Assuming that the color turns out the way you expected, you can save a substantial amount of money doing it at home.

2. Home color has come a long way

A long time ago, coloring your hair at home resulted in a monochromatic ‘do with no color variants and a flattened tone – and that was if you did it correctly. These days, manufacturers have made color that enhances natural tonal variations in your hair, so they look more natural. Many formulas also come in low ammonia varieties, so they aren’t as hard on your tresses.

3. It’s convenient

You don’t need to make an appointment and take a drive to color your hair at home. You also save yourself the trouble of sitting at the salon for 2 hours while waiting for the color, cut and style. Home hair color allows you to fix your mane at 2 a.m. if you so choose.


1. It’s tricky

Most professionals agree that if you’re going to color your hair at home, you should only go one-to-two shades lighter or darker than your natural color. You’re less likely to make a noticeable mistake. But you also want to make sure that your color is distributed evenly, or you could end up with patchy spots or stripes.

2. It’s harder to be trendy

If you want to incorporate new hair trends into your routine such as fashion colors, ombre or highlights, it’s tough to do it well by yourself. Sure there are plenty of women out there who can achieve runway-level results from a box, but most people are better off leaving drastic changes to their stylists.

3. You can hurt yourself

Always read the directions on box hair color. If you don’t you can end up damaging your hair beyond repair. If you leave a bleach-based product on your hair for too long, you can fry it, and it can even end up falling out. Worse, if you don’t do the requisite patch test, you may end up slathering your scalp with a product to which you are allergic.

If you feel comfortable and confident about your coloring skills, playing your own stylist is a great way to save cash. However, it’s nice to be pampered and spend the “me” time that comes with a salon visit. If you’re into changing your color often, by all means, do it at home. But don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while.

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