Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Butler (HS) Turf Field Policies

To all coaches who are scheduled to play a game at the Scarsdale High School’s turf field (Butler) this season.


1)         MOVE THE GOALS OUT (FIRST GAME). The goals are locked. If you have the first game on a Sunday, you have to unlock the goals and put them in place.  The combination is available from the Field Coordinator (see bottom of this page).  The goals are fairly easy to move.  Make sure you turn the wheels after you set them up on the field.  Have a parent (no kids) take the locks and the chains and chain the back bar of the goals to the football goal posts so that the goals cannot tip over.


MOVE THE GOALS BACK (LAST GAME).  After the last game, the goals are to be set side-by-side, with the goal mouth facing the fence, along the fence separating the track from the Brewster road parking lot, as far left as possible as you face the parking lot (facing north). You have to return the goals with the open end facing the fence and lock them up.  Again we do not want kids handling the chains and locks. 


2)         DO NOT USE THE REGULAR FLAGS ON THE TURF FIELD.  We have a set of special flags for the turf field.  The coach with the last game on a Sunday must take the flags (the entire flags including the base) home and the coach with the first game the next Sunday is responsible to get the flags from the coach of the last game the prior Sunday.  If the flags are left at the field it is unlikely that we will be able to recover them and the coach responsible may be assessed the cost of buying new flags.  I will get the flags to the coach with the first game of the season.


3)         FINALLY, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE IS NO FOOD ALLOWED ON THE FIELD. In order to reduce turf deterioration and insect issues such as bees, please make all efforts to avoid spilling drinks such as Gatorade, iced tea, Propel, lemonade, etc... on the turf field. NO FOOD ON THE FIELD.  Please be sure to remind your kids and parents about this rule before every game on the turf field, and also please remember to inform your opposing coach about this rule during your pre-game, mid-week communication.


Click Here for the schedule of Butler Turf Field Games.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you.


Jeffrey Malsch - SYSC field coordinator

(914) 472-7452 home

(914) 391-7200 cell