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Accessing Your Team Contacts - Send Emails to your Team!

Our online registration makes it easy for you to view your team, email your team and print rosters. Just log into your account (link: ).

As a parent, you will have an entry under "Adults". You should be "registered" to be on the team(s) you are coaching. Right near that is "View Team". If you click on that, you get a list of children on the team. At the top of that page are two options "Email Team" and "Print Roster".

Click "Email Team". If you have a document in WORD that you want to paste into your email, see the little icon in the lower right hand corner that allows you to paste in text without losing Word's formatting.

If a Child drops off your team

Notify the president ( and the registrar ( ).

If the child is dropping out of soccer, just keep the player's pass on the ring until the end of the season.  At the end of the season, you will be given instructions on where to send the pass.

If the child is transferring to another team, the new team must provide a transfer request form. When you get it, sign it and attach the pass to it. Return the pass and form to the registrar (email and you will be given directions).

Scheduling a TBS game (HOME GAME) -
be scheduled by the THIRD WEEK OF THE SEASON
Can be played anytime during the season.

Identify two weekend date possibilities and if available, a weekday possibility. Usually using your team's practice time works very well. Make sure you have sufficient players to field a team.

Contact the field coordinator, to find out whether these dates/times are feasible. Remember that your field is probably used by multiple teams during practice, so other teams must be re-located.

Once times and fields are clear, you can contact the opposing team. It's a negotiation, which may require you to go back to the field coordinator for additional dates and times, but as a home team scheduling a game, you are ONLY REQUIRED to provide 2 dates/times, one of which must be a Saturday. You will NOT be able to schedule a makeup on a Sunday, don't even try. Try to keep it friendly, but do not get caught up in a continuous round of negotiations if the opposing team can't get players on the dates you identify. Remember that one day YOU will be the "away team" and most likely, the home team coach will not give you much flexibility either.

Once there is agreement, get back to the field coordinator, who will prepare and send in the TBS game assignment request to the League. UNDERSTAND THAT ONCE YOU DO THIS, the game is set in stone, just as a regular game would be. 

Check the WYSL schedule within a few days, and your game should be posted there.

Must be SCHEDULED and PLAYED within three weeks.

The makeup procedures are the same as the TBS game procedures.

U9 and U10 teams DO NOT HAVE TO MAKEUP postponed games (games cancelled due to weather or field problems). They may choose to make up these games as friendly games, without notification to the WYSL. (Field space must be allocated, though, so the field coordinator must still be part of this process).

If more than 50% of games scheduled for a Sunday are canceled, the WYSL will pull the slate of games, and then NO game needs to be rescheduled. However, this happens rarely. 

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