Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Coaching - Requirements to be Head/Asst Coach

To be a coach, you need to be able to give your time to coach your team at games, plan the games (positions, substitutions, administration), plan and conduct one practice per week, interact with your players' families, and in general be a champion for good sportsmanship. Soccer skills are also helpful!

To apply to be a coach, you must complete the activities here: Coaching - Interested

Once you are accepted as a coach, there are additional training requirements:  

  •  You must take an online concussion management course and obtain a certificate.  Click here for information and a link to the course.
  • You must sign up and attend the orientation to the Westchester Youth Soccer League. This 2 hour class is given in September.
  • You must sign up and attend the WYSL's 8 hour coaching course.  This course is given IN THE WINTER.  If you have alternate professional soccer coaching certifications, they may suffice as a substitute. Let the board know about any certifications immediately so they can be considered.  No one may coach in the spring without completing the course.
  • You must attend the SYSC's Pre-Season meeting, usually held the Thursday before the first weekend of the season.


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