Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Coaching - Responsibilities at the beginning of the season

Find a parent to handle the administration. Let the registrar know the parent who will be the administrator (notify ). The parent needs to complete the online background check, go to, click on "Risk Management" on the left. 

Set up chaperone schedule.  Each practice MUST be chaperoned by a parent of a player on your team. Even coach practices must be chaperoned  unless there are TWO coaches on the field.

Understand how to navigate to your schedule on ,  click on "Schedules" or "Scores/Standings" (both links go to the same place). These links are near the top of the page. Your team's division is listed on your schedule that you got in your package at the SYSC orientation.

Update the contact information on your team page on the wyslsoccer website.  

  • Go to  
  • Click Clubs on the left hand side.
  • Click on your team.
  • Then hover over your contact name (if it's missing then someone else has to do your contact updating). Find the email address that has been used.
  • Then click TEAM LOG-IN in the upper right hand corner.
  • Then put the email address in (the one that is already associated with your contact information). 
  • Click "if you don't have a PIN#, or if you've forgotten it, then click here to have it sent to you"
  • Wait for the pin via email. 
  • Then put the email address and pin in.
  • Then click on the "+" sign to the left of each name. Add in the contact phone numbers, and change the contact email address if you want a different email address. 
  • ALWAYS CLICK SAVE at the end.  

Understand the substitute coaching form in case NO coach can attend the game. Go to , click Forms (on the left) and then the substitute coaching link is halfway down the page. Must be submitted on MONDAY for the NEXT Sunday game.

Understand the pre-game responsibilities - children should show up approximately 30 to 45 minutes before the game to warm-up and be checked in by the referee.

Read the Red Coaching manual given out at the SYSC Orientation meeting. If you didn't get a copy, you can read the rules online at - click "Rules and Procedures" on the left side.

Pay your trainer invoice WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF RECEIPT! Since you will be given a stipend from the SYSC to cover basic training, tournaments, and equipment, you probably will not have to collect money from your parents. If you decide to do multiple tournaments or buy a huge amount of equipment, have a lot of parties, or if you have a small team, you may need to collect additional funds during the spring.

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