Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Coaching - Team Startup - Organize your New Team

(generally in late June/early July or in the winter)

Determine team staffing. You will need an assistant coach and an administrator. (assistant coaches may be defined for you). The administrator will assist you with team communications, and other team administration. Anything you can't delegate is something YOU as COACH have to do yourself.  


Conduct a team/parents meeting where you lay out team policies, provide a budget, collect paperwork, and get volunteers.


Organize the paperwork for league registration. 


Assist the team in ordering uniforms and uniform components. 


If you get new players on your team who did not register during registration, you must collect new forms (medical release forms, picture and birth certificate). These should be filled out according to the directions HERE and then dropped off with the registrar.


Decide the level of play (the seeding) that your team will play at in the League. You must prepare a SEEDING REQUEST FORM in July. This form will let the league know what division your team should be in. Generally, you STAY in your division, MOVE UP (if you won your division and remained with your team) or you MOVE DOWN (if you lost players, or were previously at the bottom of your division). You will receive instructions on how to prepare your team's seeding request.

When the preliminary seedings are published, make sure that YOUR TEAM's seeding is correct and that your RANKING WITHIN YOUR DIVISION is also correct.  You will receive an email (in mid-summer) when the seedings are published and you must review them IMMEDIATELY. You do not have to correct minor issues, but if your team has a major placement issue, contact the Board President at , and also your Age Group Coordinator - click HERE to find your age group coordinator.

Get supply of balls (put your team's name and cell number on them), flags, first aid kit, ice packs, pinnies (mesh), ball pump. Ball size is determined by age group. Make sure you get the RIGHT SIZE BALLS.

Arrange for your team to participate in the pre-season soccer camp.

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