Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Coaching - the Day of the Game

If you are playing at the Butler Turf Field, please click here to read the special Butler Turf Field Policies. 

Before the game

  • Pump up the team and game balls. For home team, make sure you have sufficient balls to keep the game in play should one be lost.
  • IF YOU HAVE NOT YET DONE SO: Prepare lineup sheet at  (THIS PROCEDURE IS UNDERGOING CHANGE AS OF SEPTEMBER 13, 2011) click "Forms", click "WYSL Lineup/Game Report Form". You can print this and fill it in each week, or create a copy on your computer with your team's particulars and print THAT each week. YOU MUST HAVE THIS FORM FOR THE GAME.  
  • For U9 and U10 teams, you must name a parent as Sporting Director for the game. Read the Red Coaching manual for more information.
  • Prepare starting lineup and substitutions by quarterPick captains for the next day - 2 per team, rotates each week.
  • If interested, check on ref coverage for your game, make plans if no ref will be at your game. You can see the ref coverage at, click on "Uncovered Games" on the left. If your game is listed there, you don't have coverage as of yet (check up to Sunday morning). 
  • Check the WYSL schedule AGAIN! Make sure you have all passes on the ring (alpha order, with coaches at the back).
  • Make sure first aid kit is full and you have extra ice packs .
  • For a home game, make sure you have the flags (no flags needed for turf fields) .
  • Check the WEATHERPHONE. If a HOME game is cancelled, call your opposing coach at all contacts.

At the game

  • If you are the first game at Butler Field wheel out the goals.
    Warm up the team; make sure to recover all warm-up balls before the game.
  • Give passes and lineup form (with game number on it) to the ref
  • Make sure no player has any jewelry (earrings included).
  • Find a flag person for the game.
  • Home game: set up flags, or do flag-switch with previous game (give the coach of the game before YOUR flags, and now you own the flags already set up).
  • Greet the ref, line up the players as needed for check in.
  • Remember that subs are allowed on ANY stoppage of the game, but that this is ALWAYS at the ref's discretion. (New rule)

After the game

  • Do a post-game lineup (high fives with the other team) and cheer.
  • Have an upbeat chat with your players (win or lose)
  • Thank the ref, retrieve the passes, return the sideline flag
  • If you are the last game at Butler Field put away the goals.
  • Report scores IMMEDIATELY - by 6PM on SUNDAY by emailing
    the Girls Score Reporter (
    ) for GIRLS teams or 
    the Boys Score Reporter (  
     for BOYS scores.

    Include the names of both teams, the division you played in, the date of the game, and the score. 
    Check the WYSL website to ensure scores reported properly.
  • Report red cards and forfeits to the president IMMEDIATELY ( .

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