Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Coaching - What to do during the week before each game

By Wednesday before EACH game

  • Communicate with opposing coach (make sure you verify, do NOT "just leave a message"). Coach contacts can be found in the RED COACHING MANUAL, or online at , Click "Clubs" on the left, then click "Team Contacts" on the left (note "colors" below team contacts, this is a list of clubs with their uniform colors)
  • Confirm field and time, jersey colors (the visiting team gets choice) - make sure you have mesh pinnies (or white jerseys to resolve color issues).
  • Get cell phones of day-of-game coach contacts, and give them your cell phone number.
  • Make sure that there are PARENT CHAPERONES for all practices (chaperones are not required for U09 clinics)


On Thursday before EACH game

  • Check the WYSL schedule (you should receive an email if a game time/field changes, but check anyway) . Click HERE to go to our club page on the League website, then click on your team name) 
  • Send game email to parents. Your game email can list just the current game information, or can be comprehensive to the end of the season. You would maintain this weekly document, and then use the "Send Email" capability of the registration system to send.
  • Remind parents of turf field restrictions, silent Sunday event, sportsmanship parents, etc.
  • Prepare lineup sheet at  click "Forms", click "WYSL Lineup/Game Report Form". You can print this and fill it in each week, or create a copy on your computer with your team's particulars and print THAT each week.  


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