Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Have a question?

We are a volunteer run organization, and we do not have a staffed office or phone line.  Most information about our programs is available on our website, so the fastest way to get a question answered is usually to read the materials posted in connection with the program.  If you have a question that is not answered on our website, please use the following emails for topical questions:

SDP Questions:

Registration Questions:

Uniform questions:

Substantive training questions: Director of Coaching

Training location /practice schedule questions: Director of Training

  •  please note that our club has no control over the game schedules; they are set by the league and announced shortly before the start of the season.

Questions about your team's management: For answers to questions about the relative responsibilities of parent managers and professional coaches or playing time, please see policies and guidelines.  Most questions should be directed to your parent manager in the first instance.  Questions that cannot be answered by a parent manager should be directed to your Age Group Coordinator . If you do not have an AGC please direct your question to the AGC Coordinator.

Questions about Program Costs: Requests for special payment plans and other issues related to financial need can be emailed to the Treasurer. For questions about refunds please see our financial policies.  Any questions regarding refunds should be directed to the Registrar.  No one other than the treasurer or registrar has authority to address any request for a refund, credit, or financial aid.


Please remember that all of our personnel except the coaches are parents volunteering their time.  We do our best to respond to emails promptly and in most cases within 72 hours but occasionally our "real lives" do not permit that, so if you do not receive a response to your email in that time or it is time sensitive please email us again.  Please do not expect same day responses to evening or weekend inquiries.