Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

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jordan 6s retro less he wins the POV, he will without doubt be walking out the door. That leaves Cody, Caleb, and Derrick, and among those three is the winner, who will it be will be interesting to find out, regardless, though they all have played a great game; however, Caleb was a nuisance with his inability to realize that Amber did not want anything to do with him, and now his delusional belief that he can read people and know what they are about is laughable and mind-boggling. And if there is something to look forward to in this season, other than watching the winner be crowned, will be the reunion and just about everyone finding out truths that have r
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Commitment and Expectations

Travel Soccer is a great experience but it is not for everyone.  Please read or Policies concerning Commitment in deciding whether it is right for you and your family.