Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Field Maintenance in case of Rain

The Club maintains our fields so that our children can play on safely on Sundays.  The coaches of the youngest teams get this job.  So the U-9 and U-10 coaches will have this job.  Luckily, we only enlisted the help of one team last season, so most of you caught a break.  We are going to do the same thing we did last season.  You are not going to be assigned a particular field. You do not have to check the fields early in the morning on Sunday as we did in years past, but you and your team do have to come out in force if the field checkers email/call and the field they ask you to go to needs work. 


The field checker will email/call on a rotating basis on Sunday morning to get a team to a specific field that we believe needs maintenance work to be available for games that day.  The field checker will try to let specific coaches know on Saturday if their names are next in line.   However, it could be early Sunday morning depending upon the circumstances.  If you are unable to check the email listed on the league’s website or registered with the Club on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings, please either provide us with an alternative email or your phone number.  Also, if you or the parent you have delegated this job to is not going to be around on Sunday, you have to let the field checker know who to contact.  It has happened a number of times that the field checkers have called and been told that the person who is supposed to be responsible for a field is away on business (usually by an unhappy, sleepy spouse).


Maintenance is not just dumping Turface in puddles on the field.  Before the Turface goes on you need to drain as much of the water off the surface as possible using brooms, pitchforks, towels, sponges, cups, buckets, whatever.  The field checkers have some turface and so do other coaches and if we need to get them we may ask you to get them if the need arises.    We may send 2 or more teams to certain fields under the theory that many hands make light work.  That does not mean that you can rely on the other coaches and teams to do the work.   You are all responsible each and every Sunday. You may want to organize a maintenance group from your team’s parents.   Often we have seen one or two parents working on a field when there should be six or seven.


The only way to get out of this on-call maintenance job is to volunteer to go to a particular field every Sunday morning and report back to me on its condition.  Let the field maintenance committee know if you are interested and then we will take you off the list.


The field maintenance contact is Jeff Malsch, his contact numbers are (914) 391-7200 (cell), (914) 287-7711 (office) and his email is