Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

For Coaches and Managers

Accessing Your Team Contacts - Print Rosters and Line-up Forms- Send Emails to your Team!

Our online registration makes it easy for you to view your team, email your team and print rosters. Just log into your account (link: ).

How to get started: As a parent, you will have an entry under "Adults". You should be "registered" to be on the team(s) you are coaching. Once you are registered you can click on your team name and select various options such as "view roster."  If you click on that, you get a list of children on the team. On the right side of the page you will see various options including "Email Team" "Manage Team Information" and "Print Roster".

To email your team: After you click on your team name you can click "Email Team". If you have a document in WORD that you want to paste into your email, see the little icon in the lower right hand corner that allows you to paste in text without losing Word's formatting.  To post schedule notes or create a team wall, click "schedule" or "team wall".

Line-up form: 1) Click "Manage Team" Information to input players' jersey numbers so they will print out on your line-up form. 2) Then go to "print roster" and select "line u" to print the form.  Make sure it says "Approved" in the upper right hand corner before bringing it to a game as there is a $100 league imposed fine for failing to provide the refs with an "approved" line up form.  If your roster has had changes it will be "approved" on the Friday after the change is made.

Printing rosters and information sheets: Click "Print Roster" and select a "coach roster" for a full list of contact info on all your players, "formal roster" for an approved roster for tournaments, "line-up form" to print a weekly game form, or "game" to get a handy list of players and jersey numbers with or without player photos ("game photo") to help  you get to know your team.

The registration system is constantly being updated.  For help understanding the newest features, or if the format has changed click the "help with this page" link on the upper right hand side of the page.  Please check there before asking the registrar for help as answers to the most common questions have all been posted.

More Information for Coaches and Parent Managers: 

The answers to most questions can be found on this website or under WYSL Rules on the WYSL website.  If you can't find the answer to your questions please ask your AGC.  Registration related questions including  how to get a pass back if you or a player has been red carded, and how to get a guest player or tournament pass to use at a tournament should be directed to the club registrar.  Please do not contact the league directly with questions.

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