Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

SYSC Memorial Day Tournament Directions and Rules


SATURDAY and SUNDAY, MAY 26 and 27, 2012



Directions to Quaker Ridge School

Quaker Ridge - Weaver Street. Fields are in front and in the back of the school. From the North, going south, take the Hutchinson River Parkway to Exit 20, Weaver Street, Route 125. From the South, going north, take the Hutchinson River Parkway to Exit 21, Weaver Street, Route 125. Turn left onto Weaver St. and the School is a short distance on the left. Or take Weaver St., Rt. 125, north from Mamaroneck. The school is on the right just before the Hutch.

A.     General

Liability: Teams participate in the tournament at their own risk. The Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club (SYSC), the SYSC tournament committee, Village of Scarsdale and the Scarsdale Board of Education cannot and does not accept liability for any injuries that may occur as a consequence of playing in the tournament. The act of participation by a team, player, parent and/or spectator is a release by them of any claims against the SYSC; it’s members, the Village of Scarsdale and the Scarsdale Board of Education.

Weather: Games will be played rain or shine. Games are considered complete after 14 minutes. If a game is halted before 14 minutes, the tournament committee will decide the course of action. The tournament timekeeper is the sole authority of time played.

If a game is halted prior to that time, the tournament committee will decide the course of action.

The registration fee is $360 per team; in case of severe weather conditions where a day’s session must be cancelled a $250 refund will be given to all teams.

Registration: Coaches must register their teams at least 30 minutes prior to their first game. Valid passes must be presented at this time for every player and coach at the tournament. Teams are allowed up to three guest players. Permission to Travel and Guest Player Forms must also be presented at this time. AYSO teams must present a roster signed by either their Regional or Assistant Regional Commissioner

Protests: There are no protests or appeals. The decision of the referee and the tournament committee will be final and binding.

Forfeits: If an accepted team fails to appear at the tournament, there will be no refund and all its matches will be forfeited. The opposing team receives credit for a 3-0 victory. No points are awarded if both teams fail to appear at the tournament. Teams should be ready to play at the sound of the air horn; there will be a 5 minute “grace period” before a game if forfeited. All forfeits result in a 3-0 victory.

Fields: NO dogs are allowed on the playing fields by order of the Scarsdale Board of Education. Violators of this rule will be asked by tournament officials to remove their dogs from the premises.

 B.     Laws of the Game

FIFA rules are used with the following exceptions:

·      U8 teams, size #3 ball, U9-U12 teams  #4 ball & U13 teams size #5 ball

·     Unlimited substitutions are permitted with the permission of the referee, at goal kicks, kickoffs after goals and by either team at the time of a throw-in. The substitute player must enter the field at the half line after the player she/he replaces has left the field.

·      All teams must have alternate jerseys or pinnies. In case of conflicts, the home team (listed first on the game schedule) will change jerseys.

·       The tournament timekeeper will be responsible for time and will use an air horn to start and stop all games. There will be no time allowances for injuries.

·       Only the certified referee will call offside, out of bounds and fouls.

·      The home team (listed first) will kick off to start the match. The visiting team will get choice of goal.

·      Games are 28 minutes long. At approximately 14 minutes into the match, the tournament timekeeper will use an air horn to indicate half-time; the referee will stop play and have the teams switch sides. There is no rest period or coaching opportunity at this time. Teams remain on the field and play is resumed immediately after the teams have switched sides. Play will be restarted with the visiting team (listed second on the game schedule) kicking off from mid-field.

·      A player who receives a red card may be ruled ineligible for the next game or the remainder of the tournament at the discretion of the tournament committee.

·      Any coach receiving a red card will be barred from further participation at the tournament.

·      Coaches will be responsible not only for their actions on and off the field, but also the actions of their players and supporters. This is a zero tolerance policy tournament.


 C. The Games

Standings: All groups will play a round robin format. Standings are determined on a point system. Teams will receive 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.

Awards: 1st and 2nd place teams in each group will receive individual trophies. In addition, all U9 players not receiving a first or second place trophy will receive a participation medal.

Tiebreakers: If two or more teams have an equal number of points after the round robin games are played; the tie will be broken in the following order:

1.      Head to Head Competition

2.      Most Wins

3.    Fewest Goals Allowed

4.    Most Goals Scored

If a tie still exists after the four tiebreakers have been used, the tie will be broken in  the following order:

1.      A penalty kick shootout. Each team will designate 1  goalkeeper and 5 shooters.

      If the tie remains after the penalty kick shootout, the tie will be broken by way of:

1.      A sudden death penalty kick shootout. Each team will retain the designated goalkeeper and designate a new shooter. Each player on the team must attempt a penalty kick before a team member kicks twice.

D. Questions:

In case of inclement weather, please call the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club’s WeatherPhone for updated information. The WeatherPhone’s number is

914 232 – 5085.


If games are delayed or postponed that information will be noted on the WeatherPhone. On game day no information will be posted on the website.


For all other questions or if you need any further information contact Mark Silvester at


During the tournament, officials will be stationed at the registration tent. 



E. Zero Tolerance Policy


This is a Zero Tolerance Policy Tournament. This policy will be fully and evenly applied to all persons at the tournament venue.


The officials will immediately stop the game when any player, parent or spectator displays inappropriate or disruptive behavior. Violators will be identified to the coach for the purpose of removing said violator from the games area. Once removed, play will be resumed. Lost time will not be made up. Failure to remove the violator will result in the forfeiture of the game with maximum amount of points awarded to the opposing team.


Unacceptable behavior includes:

·        Aggressive, derogatory or vulgar language

·        Taunting, baiting or ridiculing payers or refs

·        Threatened or actual physical violence


Every coach is responsible for informing their players, parents and team supporters of this policy as well as enforcing it.