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Sky s Naomi Kerbel offers a round-up of what s coming up in the week s business news.

: Monday April 21

It is Easter Monday and a bank holiday in the UK. The financial markets are closed.

:: Tuesday April 22

The Chinese e-commerce business, Alibaba is expected to file its prospectus for a US flotation this week. It could be the biggest ever listing by a technology firm, estimated to be worth more than bn (£9.5bn)..

:: Wednesday April 23

Apple reports second quarter results on Wednesday. It has no new products to boost results so is likely to announce plans to return more cash to shareholders to keep the investors hooked.

Look out for Facebook s first quarter results too. Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2013 was .59bn, an increase of 63%, compared with .59bn in the fourth quarter of 2012. Monthly mobile users stood at 945 million, up 39%. Daily mobile users grew 49% to 556 million.

:: Thursday April 24

On Thursday, Barclays will welcome shareholders to its AGM at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Focus will be on whether investors vote against the bank s plans to increase salaries and the bonus pool despite a fall in profits.

:: Friday April 25

This is the final day before changes to mortgage lending rules come into force. The aim of the new legislation is to ensure people only get a mortgage they can afford, and to prevent a recurrence of the irresponsible lending practices of the past. Every borrower will have to prove they can afford the repayments both now and in the future. 

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