Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Policies - Commitment to the CLUB and to your TEAM

The Club seeks to provide a soccer experience for children who can make the required commitment to a Travel team. The expected commitment from our players is:

·         Prompt, timely, and continuous attendance for two weekly practices (1.5 hours each) during the spring and fall months.  Attendance at winter training sessions offered by the club and any scheduled team practices should also be prioritized.  Players are expected to arrive 5-10 minutes before each practice begins, fully dressed (including shin guards and cleats) and ready to work.

·         The agreement to play on the team from September through June.

·         Regular and timely attendance at Sunday soccer games in the fall and the spring.  In most cases, there are nine to ten games each season. Players are expected to arrive well before the games for warm-up at the time set by Professional Trainers, and to be fully dressed (including shinguards and cleats), with a ball and water, and ready to play.

·         For elementary school players (grades 3-5), participation in the Village Soccer Recreation Program is mandatory.  Travel team practices will not conflict with Rec games.

Once your child's team placement is announced, you have 24-hours to accept the spot by completing payment in full.  If you do not register within that period, the spot will be offered to the next ranked player.

Once paid, registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE*. Exceptions are made only if you move out of Scarsdale (and your child stops attending Scarsdale schools), or if your child is injured and unable to play soccer .

If your child decides over the summer that he/she doesn't want to play soccer, EVEN IF IT IS THE DAY THAT YOU HAVE REGISTERED YOUR CHILD, you will lose your entire yearly registration fee. Please do not ask us to make an exception. The club provides a spot for your child, and that spot lasts a year. QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS POLICY SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO OUR PRESIDENT at . 

* Please note that for non-Scarsdale residents playing on Scarsdale teams, non-residency is not grounds for a refund.

Please make sure you consider whether your child is ready and WANTS TO make the commitment to travel soccer. Travel soccer is about learning to play soccer. It cannot be dependent on being on a team with friends, or being on a specific level of team.

Playing Outside the Club: The Westchester Soccer League and Eastern New York Soccer rules prohibit players from playing for more than one US Youth Soccer team.  If your child is registered to play with another team for the upcoming seasonal year you cannot register for our teams without first obtaining proper releases.  Moreover, you cannot register for another team once registered for a Scarsdale team without proper releases.    If you have any question about whether your child is eligible to play with Scarsdale or any other team or you need transfer paperwork, please email to obtain clearance BEFORE registering.  Transfers will not be granted unless a player's financial commitment to this club have been satisfied.    If you choose to leave the club after paying, you will not get any refund.  Moreover, in the event your child is dual registered without obtaining proper releases and must withdraw from a Scarsdale team as a result we will not refund any fees.