Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Policies - Tryout Attendance

U-8 and U-9 Travel Teams: Please see U-8 and U-9 Travel Soccer  for more information on this program. 

Team Placements for U-10 and Older Travel Teams:   We hold open tryouts every Spring for the following seasonal year (September-June).  Attendance at tryouts is mandatory for all children in next Fall's U-10 and older age group who wish to play travel soccer in the Fall. Tryouts for U10 and U11 players are open to all children who attend or are eligible to attend schools in the Scarsdale Union Free School District.  For U12 and older, children outside of the district may tryout and a limited number of spots are available for children out of the district.
Requirement to attend tryouts:  Children are expected to pre-register for tryouts and attend all tryouts that are scheduled for their age group. We do not offer "make-up tryouts." If you must miss a tryout for any reason, please click here to email the registrar as soon as you know you will have to miss the tryout and before it is held with (i) your child's full name, (ii) your child's current team, (iii) your child's age group next Fall, and (iv) the reason your child must miss the tryout.  Absences due to injuries or illness must be documented by a treating physician in advance of the scheduled tryouts to the extent possible.
Any child that does not pre-register by the applicable pre-registration deadline and does not attend tryouts will be placed on a wait list and added to the least competitive team in their age group if there is space.  
For children who did not play with SYSC in the 2012-13 season, tryouts are our only way of assessing their proper team placement and children who pre-register for but cannot tryouts will generally  be placed on the least competitive team in the age group.  Children who will be moving to Scarsdale before September 2013 are welcome to pre-register for and attend tryouts.  Children who seek to join teams after the conclusion of tryouts will be placed on a wait list and considered for placement to the extent spots are or become available. 
Joining Teams For the Winter/Spring: The teams formed after Spring tryouts are full year teams.  There are no additional tryouts for the Winter/Spring season and past seasons' team placements and tryout results generally cannot be considered in placing players onto Spring teams.    This policy applies to all players seeking to join teams for the Winter/Spring including any child who withdrew from the Fall season or did not  play with the team to which they were invited following Spring open tryouts. 
Please note that the foregoing only applies to teams formed based on player assessments and tryouts and not to our U-8 and U-9 teams.  While our U-8 and U-9 teams are also formed with the intention of making them full year teams, the club may move players or reconfigure teams following the conclusion of the Fall season and before the commencement of the Spring season as needed to maintain or reduce roster sizes and maximize playing time and player development.   
Wait List: The U10 and older wait list is intended to be primarily for children who are new to the travel program and move to town after tryouts.  It is not an alternative to attending tryouts.

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