Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club

Ordering Travel Uniforms

The Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club is proud to continue our relationship with (also known as EuroSport).  All parents, players and coaches should order new Scarsdale Soccer uniforms and Scarsdale Soccer accessories from

Individual families will set up their own account and purchase items at special Club prices and have the items shipped directly to their homes.  

SYSC Training Shirts (for travel players)

SYSC recommends that all travel players wear our grey SYSC training shirts to all training sessions.  SYSC training shirts can be purchased by clicking here or at the following link:

Travel Uniform Orders

If you are new to the club and need a uniform, or if you need replacement uniform pieces, you can now order these directly from When ordering jerseys YOU MUST USE the jersey number assigned to you by the club. New  players (SDP and Travel) should start by emailing to have a uniform number assigned.  U10 and older players should  email their team's Parent Manager before ordering their uniform to confirm that the number assigned is not assigned to any other player.  

 A standard uniform package includes the following components:

adidas Toque 13 Jersey in maroon (white for SDP) - Price: $27.00-30.15 each

adidas Tiro 13 Short in maroon (white for SDP) - Price: $11.00-12.30 each

adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock in white - Price: $6.25 each

Do NOT order any Womens’ shorts or jerseys. Only order the regular Tiro uniform.

SDP Players should be ordering white uniforms, white shorts and white socks.

Optional Uniform pieces include:

White jersey - MOST TEAMS DO NOT USE WHITE JERSEYS – check with your Parent Manager FIRST! - Price: $27.00-30.15 each

Other optional items can be found on the official order form, including training jackets, sweatshirts, practice shirts, duffels and backpacks and coaches’ shirts and hats.

Important Guidelines.  Please note the following:

  • Families are responsible for ordering their own uniforms.  Please remember these are customized items and can require extra time to arrive.  Please make sure you order in time for the coming season.  
  • Numbering: All uniform numbering is pre-selected by the SYSC and cannot be changed. When ordering, you are required to enter the # that was assigned to you by the SYSC.
  • Replacement uniforms must be ordered with the same uniform number.  Current players cannot change their numbers. 
  • Any questions regarding uniform number by new players ordering new uniforms should be directed to the team coach and then to the Age Group Coordinator.
  • Only order a white jersey if your team wears white jerseys

The Website link to access your Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club / site is:

The Eurosport website is  and once you have clicked on your link above, you will see a Scarsdale Soccer Club link in the top right hand corner of This will live on the site as long as you do not clear your cookies from your internet browser. 

Ordering : You will be able to shop and buy all items from your shopping list within SOCCER.COM. All players will have pre-selected customization that cannot be changed. Continue shopping by clicking on the Scarsdale Soccer Club store making sure you buy all items required by your club. In addition, any family member may add on to a players order at club pricing. Multi player orders will be allowed and can be easily performed using the search engine within the club page.             

The ordering process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

Delivery: Your order will include non-customized items (such as socks) as well as items that need customization. Items without customization will ship from Eurosport’s warehouse within 24 hours. All items with customization will be require several days to receive customization. An email with an expected ship date will be sent to you upon placing your order.

You may check the status of your order by entering your order # and zip code in the following link:

Shipping Rates: Shipping rates can be found under policies by following the below link:

Sizing Chart Link (Eurosport): A generic sizing chart is available by following the below link:

Liability: Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club accepts no liability for mistakes made during uniform ordering. Players are expected to order their own uniform as listed on SOCCER.COM. Eurosport and Scarsdale Soccer Club are committed to answer questions on the uniform process in a timely manner.

Thank you,

The SYSC Uniform Committee

Email:  if you need additional help. 





Can I order shoes, shin guards, balls, or other items from when I place my club uniform order?

Yes, you may shop the entire site and add shoes, socks, replica jerseys, etc. to your order.

Will there be a sizing chart specific to the uniform?

The sizing chart available is a generic sizing chart. It can be found at:    

How do I order optional items?

Optional items can be found in the main landing page as well as by choosing "Optional" on the left hand menu.  You can then add those items to your gear bag to purchase.

Can I order more than one jersey, short or sock?

You can order as many items as you would like. There are no maximums.

Do I need to order all of the required items?

Yes, the club has specified what is required for each player by age group. The club requests that you order all product at the same time.

What is my shipping charge?

  Shipping can be found at:

Can I use a gift card on my club order?

Yes, you may use up to 2 gift cards on your order.

Can I use a source code on my order

You can only use a source code when purchasing items that are not part of your club uniform package.

I want a different # for my jersey.

Jersey uniform #'s are assigned by the club. If your jersey has a number that is already on your team, that is a unique issue, and you should contact your coach and Otherwise, you must use the jersey uniform number that you have been given.

How do I go back and order more product?

If you go to, there should be a club link in the top right hand corner. You can click on that link to go to your club product.

I want a jersey without a player #

All jerseys and t-shirts require a uniform # if ordered through the Scarsdale Soccer website link. You may choose to buy the jersey at full retail without customization by searching regular

My size isn't available

This means an item is currently out of stock. Please order either a size up or size down.

When will my order arrive?

You will receive an email confirmation with an expected ship date for your order.

I only received my non customized product

To get your non-customized items to you faster, will ship them separately at no additional cost to you. Your customized items will be coming in a separate shipment. If you ordered items with embroidery, like a backpack or jacket it will most likely come in a separate package as well.

Do I get an additional goal club discount on my club product

You will only receive goal club discounts on non-club items. For example, if you are a goal club member and you buy a pair of shoes that aren't part of the club's required purchase items, you will receive the goal club discount

Do I get goal club points for my order?

Yes you receive points based on your entire order including templated and non templated items

What phone number do I call for help?

Call 877-308-7989 for help from
for help from the club, email



SDP Uniforms

SDP uniforms should be ordered during the online registration process for $35.  If you need a replacement uniform for SDP or neglected to order one they are available to purchase 15 minutes before the first several SDP sessions for $35 cash or a check made out to the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club.